5 reasons why businesses need to focus on virtual reality solutions


With the strong development of technology, virtual reality also develops very quickly and is used by large enterprises as solutions to stand out from the competition and attract potential customers. best in their field. And here are 5 reasons why businesses need to focus on VR solutions.

80% of companies and businesses have held VR events in recent years. Join this booming trend to transform your business forever

1 – Help users interact and connect anytime and anywhere.

Virtual Reality VR is where your customers will check in by visiting the website, clicking on the link and logging in. Here, guests can participate, access and capture information like a normal event anywhere, just using a smart device with network connection such as smartphone, PC, tablet, VR device, etc.
In addition, this is also a new marketing method, causing a lot of curiosity and attracting visitors because it uses VR 360 virtual reality. That helps businesses to introduce products online in a unique way.

Helps users to interact and connect anytime and anywhere.

One of the services that VRPlus has is Livestream 360 that VR PLUS is confident is the leader in the field Livestream 360 in Vietnam with many advantages such as: practical implementation experience, optimal and professional equipment, 4k video quality with guaranteed transmission. That will give brands a brand-enhancing experience, an effective communication link in all your communication strategies.

2 – Get creative in VR.

There are many other businesses and companies competing with you. The inclusion of VR technology in the marketing strategy can be said to be the best way to stand out from the competition.

Get creative in VR

Provide businesses with the services to showcase their products in the most creative way that attendees have never seen before. Use the solution VR Tour with The detailed interactive guidance on the tour will help businesses reach more potential customers and present more details about the products as well as gain trust from users.

This is exactly what DMEXCO, the largest digital industry trade fair in Europe, did in 2019 to increase visitors and create buzz in the industry.

Watch a highlight video from the Virtual Event 360 Tour that VR Plus has implemented below:

Virtual event project between VRPlus and Baoviet Life.

3 – Expand your brand to be known by more people.

The main purpose of businesses is to expand their brands and increase revenue. Rest assured that the virtual reality solution will do it most effectively.

Your VR solution will drive traffic to your product by providing attendees with a unique, fun way to interact with businesses. Moreover, because every guest enjoys the VR experience, they will actively engage t more attention to your product.

To expand your brand, use VR as an innovative and innovative technology.

virtual reality
Customers experience the event through Booth VR virtual reality.

4 – Feel free to experience 360-degree space in virtual reality.

With an event held outside, it will definitely be limited in the number of customers and the area of ​​space to hold the event, making the business will not have the opportunity to reach potential customers. . But with the service Virtual screening room that VRPlus provides All attendees can join by clicking on the link where the event is held.

virtual reality

Experience 3D 360 space that VRPlus brings: National exhibition of pictures and documents .

5 – Provide clear customer information.

Virtual reality makes events more engaging and unique by providing attendees with instant access to business information through profiles and social apps. Knowing who you are at the event can greatly help your future collaborations.

virtual reality
Provide clear client information

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To learn what virtual reality is? and applications of virtual reality, 360 tour technology in marketing & how to sell, you can refer to our article here nhh.

Some solutions to apply 360 technology, virtual reality that you may be interested in: 

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