According to statistics, up to 76.5% of professional marketers and owners of small and medium-sized businesses are seeing positive results from video marketing, to stay ahead of the competition, businesses will need video content. 360

Nearly three-quarters of B2B marketers say video content has a positive impact on ROI. Companies that use video marketing have a 27% greater CTR click-through rate and a 34% higher website order conversion rate. Obviously, we can see the volcanic heat of video marketing in 2018. VRPlus would like to present to readers the top 5 video marketing trends 2018 including content video 360 so that businesses can “break through” in their video marketing strategy.

1. Vlog
Vlogs are very inexpensive so it’s probably a great way to grow your following and grow your business. This is the reason why businesses and entrepreneurs are gradually “attacking” the vlog world. Vlog gives viewers a new perspective about you, about your business, helping you to have a closer connection. If combined with technology to be able to create content video 360, Vlog will definitely be much more attractive.

2. Live video
With Instagram Live, Facebook Live and live streaming on other platforms like YouTube and Twitch, the trend of businesses making live videos will become more and more popular in the year. 2019.
According to Facebook Report statistics, the time users watch Facebook Live daily has increased by 4 times every year.

3. 360-degree video and 360 video content
Since its launch, the 360-degree video feature has provided many truly unique experiences, and this type of 360 video content will continue to be popular in 2019. It’s a great way to give your viewers a sense that you’re trying to give them a special experience.

4. Prioritize advertising on YouTube over TV
According to Nielsen research, on mobile alone, YouTube reaches more viewers over the age of 18 on average each week As a result, over the next year, more and more companies will shift their advertising to YouTube channels so their information can reach a huge online audience. huge.

5. Virtual Reality
Virtual reality is still an emerging trend right now, but in 2019 the technology is expected to become mainstream, and will become more accessible to everyone. with many businesses. According to Statista, by 2020, the economic impact of virtual reality (VR – Virtual Reality) and augmented reality (AR – Augmented Reality) is expected to reach $29.5 billion.

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