1. Project overview

After the positive success and acceptance of the 3D Tour Project, the incumbent Government Office and new members of the Government were welcomed. newspaper has chosen to put this idea into the next project, which is Experiencing a visit to the Office of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly with 18 new members for the XV term. The project is highly appreciated, helping to bring a new and modern experience to viewers when accessing information.

2. How does 3D 360 Tour virtual reality technology apply?

One of the most urgent and topical projects has been coordinated and completed by Vietnamnet Newspaper and VR Plus in an extremely short time. Take a quick look at the project through the video below:

The special feature of the project is the combination of 3D rendering that simulates the reality of the National Assembly Standing Committee’s office in the form of 360-degree images, so viewers feel like they are really in this room. To experience the most realistic 1:1 ratio, viewers can use VR glasses to explore more.

3D tour office
Image of the tour start interface with user guide (VR Plus)

Combined with hotspots – moving positions (the flashing arrows inside the table) viewers can change the optional viewing angle to visit and see more details of the personnel. In addition, the tour experience can also zoom in – out respectively to see each employee up close or admire the whole room.

3D office tour
Close-up image when visiting the Office of the National Assembly Standing Committee (VR Plus)

Viewers can access it on any smart electronic device such as: Laptop, PC, smartphone, tablet, VR glasses,… conveniently. This makes VR Tour extremely user-friendly.

VR Tour office
Interactive menu bar, navigation and function buttons for the ultimate experience (VR Plus)

Finally, you only need to click once on the personnel of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly in the XV term that you want to learn more about, a popup will appear on the screen with full information of that employee.

VR Tour Office
Personnel details are summarized in an interactive popup when clicking on personnel in 360 space (VR Plus)

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