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A VR Tour – virtual tour – perhaps when you learn about the application of virtual reality in the business you have heard about this phrase many times. VR 360 Tour is not a new word, but certainly not many businesses know and use it in Vietnam. If you do not already have a VR 360 Tour for your website, you can check out some information and some demo here . If you already own a VR 360 Tour and want to increase the fun of the virtual tour, you can consider integrating the following functions regardless of your business in any field (hospital, school school, real estate, office, restaurant, hotel, …)

 VR training

Learning and training with Quizz game with score on vr 360 tour

Training with VR is rapidly becoming one of the most advanced learning technologies and should be considered a key advantage for training strategies of businesses. currently.

Visiting 360 degree tour , customers have a more objective view of the business and freely experience the most optimal and modern virtual travel experience. However, to make it more interesting and interesting, VRPlus recommends an additional built-in content that is quizz game with puzzle tag attached and scoring when ending. end with a reasonable reward that businesses want to give customers.

Quizz game – Card puzzle

Quizz game allows you to create customer experience questions at any point during the tour or be adjusted according to the experience scenario. & nbsp; Quizz game here can be simply is a question and answer (choice of answers or short answers) or it can also be a quiz that contains media types such as images, videos, 360 videos, 3D models, … p>

 quizz game VR tour
Quizz game for hospital virtual reality tour.

You then have the right to decide whether to add or subtract points from the user’s score after making a correct or false answer. predetermined. This way, you can take them to a content tag (depending on the answer) explaining why the experimenter’s response is correct (or not correct). In addition, you can also pre-set the order of approaching customer questions. For example, the customer has to find the location of the question mark, click and join the quiz. After collecting and answering all the questions, there will be a gift.

Role-playing game

Is a type of game where the user will role-play the character in the game and perform the programmed tasks. During the implementation of the virtual mission, the character will be given more points or deducted points depending on how the player completes. Alternating these games in a virtual tour will make customers feel more interesting and excited.

Interactive RPG for VR Tour experience

You can refer to a demo of immersive virtual reality game integrated in VR Tour here .

Calculate the final score of the game

You can integrate a single point type or scores to measure different possibilities at a time. & nbsp; It depends on what you want to emphasize during the tour. End game also nIf the tour has been completed, visitors will be notified of the total points and rewards if they achieve a certain score. This is to stimulate the excitement of exploring the tour many times more than just a regular sightseeing.

 vr tour quizz game
Report the total points earned after completing the VR 360 Tour virtual tour

Experience virtual reality without VR glasses

VR training sounds complicated, so many businesses don’t want to invest in new VR headsets for the entire workforce or schools. But businesses may consider that while VR headsets look interesting and can grab people’s attention in the first place, more than 90% of employees actually do tour training. virtual on desktop. So that means your business can deploy virtual sightseeing training courses on existing training devices and systems (Mac, Windows, PC, Laptop, smartphone, tablet, VR glasses if any, … )

More Reference

A recently launched VRPlus project that incorporates bonus and interactive interactive game content that you can visit and refer to. From there, apply to the content of your business.

Let’s explore and explore VR 360 Tour DLS Incorporation below:


 DLS VR tour
Image extracted from quizz game content of DLS Incorporation VR 360 Tour project

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