Hot 2021 real estate market – Why do businesses need VR 360 virtual reality right away?


Moving into 2021, it is undeniable that the interest of real estate buyers is still increasing strongly and the heat of the market has not subsided at all. Recently, the situation of “land fever” has taken place everywhere from big cities to suburbs and suburbs. This is also the reason that investors have been building new works and projects to meet this demand of people as well as investors. In order to be different from other investors and distributors, and at the same time increase the buying experience for buyers, the VR 360 virtual reality solution is a solution that investors need to consider. Learn more about this solution with VR Plus here!

1. Support customers with the most intuitive, diverse viewing angle with VR 360

1.1. For land plots, not yet built

Enterprises can choose a virtual 360 solution that captures reality or 3D renders the whole land. Thanks to this virtual table, customers can observe the location and traffic of the plot of land they are interested in from the most general 360-degree view from above. In addition, businesses can choose to highlight the areas of each land lot with specific information right on this virtual table. This is an extremely intuitive and easy-to-observe way for both the broker and the client.

360 degree virtual desk in La Rivière (VRPlus) project

1.2. For areas that have been or are under construction

Enterprises can refer to VR 360 tour of model houses, model apartments for customers to visualize reality or for brokers to easily consult successfully. This 360 tour will be stitched and edited by real 360-degree photos or from 360 3D images. Buyers will be able to visit with a 360-degree view as if they were in a real environment, it will be more realistic when they wear VR virtual reality glasses.

Let’s refer to a real 360 photography project that VR Plus has similarly implemented for partners Novahills here< /a>

Photos in the 360 ​​model house tour of Novahills project. (VRPlus)

Here is a project to build a 3D 360 Tour of the entire model house that VRPlus has done.

vr 360
Pictures in the 3D 360 tour of the 7Home project. (VRPlus)

2. Integrating a variety of VR 360 sales support features

2.1. Virtual tour guide (virtual MC)

Imagine that a customer can be anywhere, just using a smart device (smartphone, laptop, …) with a network connection to access the link to visit the virtual reality project. But not just that, there will be an MC appearing and providing all the basic information of the project to the buyer. That is, this is the most complete and necessary combination to satisfy the viewers’ senses actively.

Refer to this feature here.

vr 360
Virtual MC in the HIU School 360 Tour project. (VRPlus)

2.2. Floorplan 2D, 3D

This is exactly a feature that fully supports the real estate sector. Buyers can determine their position and direction g thanks to the migration scheme that is usually integrated in the bottom corner of the screen. In addition, customers can also quickly move between areas by clicking on those locations on the map.

vr 360
2D movement diagram in the lower left corner of the screen showing the location and direction of the visitor. (VRPlus)

2.3. Lived guided tour

A video call right on the Tour VR 360 website, why not? Customers can immediately contact the consultant thanks to this feature. The connection helps consultants to guide, directly sell to buyers the outstanding special features of the project and lead their customers to visit the 360 ​​space wherever the customer is. This feature is extremely convenient for both the seller and the buyer as we may not need to meet in person at the sample property.

Learn about Live guided tour in the video below:

2.4. And many other features such as: voice over, integrated 2D video, business information,…

3. Create a highlight, lead and increase business awareness

There are a lot of good properties, but really customers can’t arrange the time to come and see them. With just 2D images and 2D videos with sporadic views, customers could have missed something. So why can such an effective solution but with low construction costs be ignored if your business is really interested in distributing real estate to buyers?

Currently, large enterprises and investors have been looking for this solution. Instead of only using it until later when everything is saturated, why don’t you advise your business to become a pioneer, a leader in increasing customer experience interaction. From there, both create professionalism, prestige, and attract customers to experience and be interested in your projects.

To learn what virtual reality is? and applications of virtual reality, 360 tour technology in marketing & how to sell, you can refer to our article here nhh.

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