Livestream on Your Website – Is it possible or not?


Currently, Livestream is gradually becoming a popular technology trend and serves many purposes in life. This trend is not only well received by major and important events such as festivals and concerts, but is also used in the daily life of users including sports, seminars, parties, weddings, etc. Especially live stream is playing an important role in the business field of businesses to promote brands and create efficiency in generating revenue.

Nowadays, almost everyone livestream anywhere has the option to live video on video platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc. watch live videos on their main Facebook feed. & nbsp; If it is already possible to live stream videos on those platforms, then it is possible to do it on your own website.

Livestream on Website is not too difficult but it is also quite complicated. If you still want to create a Livestream and embed it on your own website, you can refer to some steps to perform below:

Plan what you want to stream

The first step is quite important, you need to think, have a clear idea of ​​the livestream content, have a specific plan to achieve the goal.

Set up your recording hardware properly

livestream on website

You must find both the right video and audio source & nbsp; the best possible quality. & nbsp; Pay special attention to the audio, which is easy to miss. You can use either the built-in or separate microphone as the viewer does not like the poor sound quality in live view.
Using a mobile phone is a simple and easy way to record combined recording But this is not a really good device to focus on the quality of the sound and the images that come out. You may have to use some more advanced video recording equipment.

Encoding option for live streaming

 livestream on website

One challenge most live streamers face is that most cameras are designed for recording rather than for live streaming. & nbsp; That’s why you’ll need & nbsp software ; or hardware & nbsp; encoding & nbsp; works with the camera of your choice. Encode & nbsp; change your video from a format optimized for recording and archiving to a format designed for web streaming. without any problem.

Hardware encoders & nbsp; are often used by professional broadcasters due to their high price tag and specially designed for encoding, providing an advantage over software encoders. On the other hand, & nbsp; encoder & nbsp; software & nbsp; usually much more affordable than hardware. & Nbsp; Small scale manufacturers often prefer this replacement for hardware encoders. p>

Check the internet connection status

Upload required & nbsp; speed and stability. You don’t have to worry about the transmission line if you want to “live” a pre-recorded video & nbsp; to your streaming, the transmission line of the internet connection plays an important role in the quality of the live stream.

You need an internet connection to transfer content from the encoder to the server. & nbsp; The amount of data you can transfer per second depends on the upload speed of your internet connection. given the server, your upload speed stops playing an important role, instead the viewer download speed will start to determine the quality of the video. & nbsp; Both upload and download speeds need to be fast and quality for better live streaming.

Prepare a website or platform that will host livestreams

You can host video content on your website’s server, but this is not recommended as the video content takes up a lot of space. Also, hosting videos on only one source is nearly as unreliable as using hosting platforms.

When it comes to choosing a platform, you’ll find that the options are everywhere. & nbsp; There are dedicated platforms that can stream live, video hosting platforms that offer live streaming , even social networks can host the stream you will display on your website. & nbsp; The most popular options are & nbsp ;:

    • YouTube & nbsp; – world’s largest video hosting service offering best quality live streaming.
    • Twitch < / strong> & nbsp; – oldest live streaming platform catering primarily to gamers but can also be useful.
  • Facebook Live & nbsp; – streaming service Live social media however the video quality is not very good.

You just need to choose one of these to be able to play videos on your website. & nbsp; However, if you’re looking to maximize your reach, you’ll probably want & nbsp; multi & nbsp; streams – live stream to multiple websites at once.

Embed a livestream on your web page

You now have everything ready to go live with your content. The next step is to introduce it to the community. All live streaming platforms provide embed codes for your broadcasts. The only thing you need to do is embed this code in your website or social page. From that point on, your livestream will appear live on your website and will be available to website visitors or viewers with this code.

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