360-degree photography and 360-degree video recording service is a unique and novel way of promoting products and services in many fields such as real estate, restaurant services, and hotels , entertainment areas, tourist resorts, events, festivals … to create panoramas that show the full splendor and majesty of the scene, allowing viewers to have a direct overview of the space. . From there, bring many practical benefits in the marketing industry .360 degree illustration. 

 360 photo

What are 360-degree images and movies?

  • 360 photos and 360 videos are captured, captured images that give you a 360-degree panoramic view in all directions without being confined to a fixed image frame.
  • To get a complete 360 ​​photo or video, we will use the image creation website panorama 360 , 360 movie recording.
  • Laptops, smartphones, tablets, virtual reality glasses, … can all be used to experience special elements in 360 photos and videos.
  • 360 photos and 360 videos allows viewers to interact with the images. Viewers only need to click on the 360 ​​degree icon on the photo / video and move the mouse, the image will rotate and you will see the panorama around the photo area, not just a single photo with a camera angle. only.

Experience the Delivery Journey with Viettel Post with Video 360 – a project by HM Media & amp; VR PLUS does the following:

The benefits of 360-degree images and 360-degree video recording for your business.

  • Customers can grasp the information that businesses provide visually and clearly. You do not need to describe too much, just show the image for the customer to experience. Statistically, businesses that use 360 photos and 360 videos get 10% more attention from customers than businesses that don’t.
  • Make your business website more attractive. This will generate more visits and a longer time customers to visit your website. That increases your search engine rankings.
  • 3 times more ad conversion than 2D images and videos, 30% higher repeat view rate, and 70-300% increase in user engagement. >
  • Help increase sales up to 135% because your website works more efficiently as mentioned.
  • Build trust and credibility for your brand.

 photo 360 Image depicting a 360-degree photo.

What VR PLUS provides

  • VR Plus is committed to bringing the most accurate experience of space thanks to standard 360-degree photography and 360-degree video recording to perfectly reproduce the space and architecture. or details of the product. Word quiz helps to impress customers and helps increase the success rate in advertising.
  • Affordable to small and medium-sized businesses, customers are provided with perfect 360-degree photography and 360-degree video services, maximum support for promotional activities, business of the enterprise.

Early adoption of 360 image and 360 video technology will give you the opportunity to stand out and dominate the market, attracting new customers before this innovation becomes a standard in marketing.

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