Definitely not too strange when it comes to virtual rooms, you have heard a lot about 3D mapping and you may have experienced it. However, let’s explore VR PLUS to have a more comprehensive view!


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What is 3D mapping?

  • 3D mapping  is a part developed based on 3D mapping technology, a technique that uses 2D or 3D animations combined with light to project onto constructed surfaces. to create interactive three-dimensional image blocks.
  • With 3D Virtual Projection Room, the viewer is seated in a “room” constructed by planes describing the actual space. Viewers can view and experience 3D images of projects or products projected onto these surfaces.
  • Viewers can not only perceive products visually, but also hear through hearing, by combining a projection room with rich sounds.

3D mapping applications

  • In major fairs, 3D virtual theater is one of the stalls attracting the most visitors by stimulating the curiosity of customers, while increasing the spread product.
  • In addition, the 3D projection room also shows its role when businesses want to introduce their products to many investors or customers, bringing them all on a “ride” to experience the reality, contribute to enhance the corporate image in the eyes of customers.
  • 3D virtual projection room is suitable for promoting products that require large space to clearly show product features such as traffic, military, large-scale architectural works … Along with that, the room 3D virtual projection is also widely applied in the fields of arts, entertainment, and festivals because the combination of light colors and sounds is extremely flexible.

virtual projection room 3D

What VR PLUS provides

With unique ideas and a professional design team, VR Plus wants to bring exciting experiences in a “still but dynamic” space, with the aim of creating the best effect in product performance. as well as enhancing the corporate image.

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