If the application of virtual reality technology is the key to product marketing, 3D Visualization is the first brick laying the foundation for this development. Therefore, it has been widely used in the fields of real estate, tourism, industrial parks, …

3D Visualization3D visualization technology image.

What is 3D Visualization?

  • 3D Visualization is considered a new step in the field of graphic design and construction. 3D Visualization aims to model and concretize projects from 2D technical drawings, thereby helping to recreate virtual models of the whole project, helping both investors and customers easily visualize the real shape. of future work
  • In addition, 3D Visualization can also sketch a project, a product that has not been in reality to illustrate visually, helping non-professionals can imagine a product, a project. what the project looks like.

This is also the basic step to create marketing communication materials for the whole project (interior, interior, exterior, panorama …) to help customers easily be impressed and have a clearer visualization of the products which will take shape in the near future.

3D Visualization3D Visualization in Wyndham Lynn Times Thanh Thuy real estate project. (VR PLUS)

3D Visualization – What are the benefits?

  • 3D Visualization makes it easy for anyone to explain ideas to anyone, even technical complex problems that a normal 2D drawing cannot meet.
  • From the earliest stage, investors can see what a project will look like when it is completed.
  • Investors easily create impressive marketing products to help sell more effectively.
  • Helps increase sales for your business.
  • With the advancement of technology, the cost of 3D Visualization becomes more and more reasonable.
  • Accurately design realism and visualize the architecture with a high degree of precision.
  • Integrate 360 ​​degree virtual interactive content on the product.

Here is a video describing the 3D product interaction process of VR PLUS:

What VR PLUS provides

With a team of highly skilled, meticulous designers, VR Plus will help customers to transform their creative design ideas in the most authentic and unique 3D format. At the same time, with the accompanying services, customers can easily and quickly get the desired and impressive frames for marketing products and sales documents.

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