Livestream 360 is a highly engaged form because it is an experience aimed at the viewers themselves. This form gives customers a very close and intuitive experience with the brand. Therefore, this is a great tool for all businesses to promote their products as well as to reach the end user as quickly as possible.

Currently, if it comes to Livestream, no one is sure, anyone can live livestream directly through supported applications on smartphones, especially Facebook. Livestream is actively deployed in many forms in many different fields to serve Marketing and Event activities of brands. However, many livestreams today will still have a problem: the image is still limited in frames and viewers will not be able to see more or interact with it.

That’s why Livestream 360 with views panorama 360 was born to solve that. With VR PLUS discover more about Livestream 360 in the article below!

livestream 360

What is a live stream 360?

  • 360 degree livestream is live broadcast technology with 360 video , which allows viewers to see and feel more clearly about the scene where the place takes place just by moving the mouse or the 360-degree icon. on the touch screen. This is a form of direct interaction with viewers and each person will be able to choose the frame they want to see, not limited by the brand owner.
  • 360 live stream is not a new technology but is still unfamiliar to Vietnamese users. From a viewer perspective, the video livestreamed directly in 360 degrees will be like any 360 video on Facebook (pre-recorded and uploaded). You shake and tilt the phone to change the viewpoint, or tap and drag around the screen. Because of this feature, the current business market has applied livestream 360 technology as a form of professional product promotion, helping customers to observe all products thoroughly, creating attractive effects. extremely powerful.

Livestream 360 and its business practice

It can be seen that livestream 360 degree is a professional form of sales that creates excitement for customers by a true, clear image that can be observed in the whole product.
Businesses, brands should pay attention to this method of advertising because of special attraction to customers, improving reputation and creating more trust. So Livestream 360 can be applied to the following industries:


The real estate industry has never cooled down due to high social demand. To maintain the most advanced image, real estate always has to update modern trends. Therefore, the livestream application using 360 video technology is a promotional method that cannot be ignored. Viewers only need to use the phone to shake and tilt to change the point of view or touch and drag around the screen to the angle they want to see.

Application of 360 technology in the Real Estate Sector.


The current retail industry has very strong competition, every brand wants to stand out from its competitors. In fact, many fashion shops, retailers, small and medium brands have used the livestream method of selling via social networks to become different. This direction of retail businesses is indeed very correct. When using 360 live stream , companies not only provide detailed characteristics of each product, satisfy the curiosity of interested customers, but also can close the goods completely through network instead of having to come directly. This brings great sales results, not only for the brand, but also for customers who are satisfied and trusting. Besides, it will create an effect, a good trend in the Marketing advertising campaign.

In fact, famous brands have applied this advanced technology because this is a solution to promote products that bring excitement to customers. “Big man” IKEA is no exception, the world’s largest furniture retailer has product advertising with 360 video , the result attracts a lot of interest. Both can enhance customer experience, but brands also attract public attention.


There are sports that have a large competition area, but require a clear image because of the strict and fair rules of the game. For this request, Livestream 360 is a breakthrough solution to the fullest audience that is normally difficult to achieve.

360 live

Team VR PLUS was honored to launch the exclusive Livestream 360 solution for the Lexus Challenge 2019 Professional Golf Tournament in Hue in September 2019.

VR PLUS has also implemented many campaigns with livestream 360 , especially VPGA TOUR, to help viewers keep track of the match frame. Video 360 can cover the whole scene, observe the entire developments that live viewers on the field can see. With modern and extremely convenient recording technology, 360 live stream impresses viewers with a completely new experience, contributing to enhancing the brand’s name, creating cohesion. between the brand and its customers.

A breakthrough solution for Livestream 360 technology

Although the effectiveness that 360 live stream brings is very clear, but not many businesses know this form to be able to pioneering testing deployment. VR PLUS is confident to be the leader in the Livestream 360 field in Vietnam with many advantages such as: Practical experience, optimal and professional equipment, 4k quality video with guaranteed transmission. That will give your brands a branding experience, an effective communication link in all of your communication strategies.

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