The development of technology brings us many benefits, saves money and time, and at the same time brings more efficiency than traditional ways. Virtual scale model  is a great choice for investors who want to show projects, launch new products during the event to create an engaging customer experience. VR 360 virtual reality

The picture depicts a virtual saver solution for real estate. (VR PLUS)

What is a virtual scale model?

Virtual desk is a new virtual reality technology solution that uses a projection system to simulate a product in a 3D perspective. Virtual desks are usually displayed in a dedicated “box” called a hologram display box. This box is like a miniature cinema, showing works or products built with 3D technology, and at the same time displaying detailed parameters so that viewers can better understand the product.

In addition, this technology is also applied in real estate fields to create a comprehensive view of the area that the business wants.

What are the features of the virtual scale model?

  • Viewers can not only observe the overview from afar, overhead or close up, but also can experience many different content, many different projects, with many angles such as a three-dimensional screen.
  • Integrated utility tags and detailed information (text, TVC, Audio, Catalog, 2D images, ..) to increase the experience for viewers.
  • Virtual desktops allow web browser-based access, can be attached directly to the website of the business.

Let’s try the virtual desk solution Virtual Tour 360 of SUNHOUSE factory (VR PLUS) here.

Benefits of Virtual Scale Model.

    • Help businesses introduce many products or projects to customers at the same time, along with that show the strengths of those products or projects effectively.
    • Customers can view live images of the project on mobile phones, PCs, tablets, virtual reality glasses, … without having to visit, thereby saving logistics costs. In addition, at events, launching new projects, businesses can also set up a virtual table to attract more customers.
    • Through a virtual desk, customers can quickly learn from each area, products of the project such as mini hotels, commercial shops … to detailed information such as utilities, area, selling price. for each type of apartment, … in 360 degree space.
    • Leaving more impressions in the eyes of customers, easily convincing and answering all their questions through practical experience. From there it will be easier to close the sale.
    • Using high technology in sales will prove the investor’s potential to make customers think of a high-quality, smart product. From there, it increases the reputation as well as the professionalism of the business.

Applying augmented reality technology, the mobile virtual desk replaces the real one. Users not only observe from the outside, but also explore the viewing area’s location, direction of sunlight, and plan. Helps to make decisions faster.

sa virtual desk

What VR Plus provides

Currently, virtual desk is a favorite choice of investors in real estate projects, resorts, exchanges, museums … With experience in building and 3D programming as well as display box design, VR Plus not only helps businesses accurately represent products that need to introduce, but also helps businesses improve their professional image in the eyes of customers.

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