Virtual reality is gradually becoming popular and applied in many areas of social life. And we often end up being impressed by something new. Based on that mentality, VR Booth are located in places with many passersby such as events, seminars or shopping malls. This is a great way to engage your audience and give people a memorable experience, which will keep them talking long after the experience.

Where is the Virtual Reality Booth applied?

  • Shopping malls, fairs : in the same period of time but the perception of the location changes, your customers are in the mall but they experience it in another space or wherever you want them to go. Here, you can experience a thrilling challenge in a 360-degree space that you have never tried before or participate in pre-programmed virtual reality games.
  • Corporate events : helps bring a new, exciting, new experience to a conference, seminar, inauguration or other company event.
  • Staff training : an in-depth training for the staff combined with virtual reality experiences will help them remember longer.


To have a vivid experience, you just need to wear virtual reality glasses (also known as VR glasses) and freely explore the 360 ​​degree virtual space content that you see and access. With its experience, VR PLUS has supported, advised and built VR booth at the “Vietnam Sea Tourism Real Estate Forum”, “Inauguration Ceremony First Real Real Estate Company in Danang ”,…

 virtual booth Photo taken at Booth VR during the First Real Real Estate Company event. (VR PLUS )

The package VR PLUS provides:

  • Virtual reality content consulting
  • Design virtual reality booth interface
  • Build virtual reality booth
  • Rent essential equipment for presentation (virtual reality glasses, television …)
  • Business support at the event

To learn what virtual reality is and applications of virtual reality, 360 tour technology in marketing & sales, you can refer to our article here .

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