Virtual reality tours are increasingly being applied in all areas of life, whether in real estate, education, healthcare or in retail. Currently, businesses know and use the application 360 Virtual tour for brands as a marketing method because of its simplicity, ease of use, and effectiveness.

According to statistics, 360 Virtual tour (Virtual tour) has the ability to increase website traffic and attract customers more than 33% , simultaneously are 41% more likely to get a good review.

360 Space
Pictures from the 360 ​​Tour of HONG BANG INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY project. (VR PLUS)

1. What is 360 Virtual Tour?

  • 360 Virtual Tour (360 Virtual Tour) is simply a 3D visualization of the inside of your business , allowing customers to experience 360-degree sightseeing
  • 360 Virtual Tour is the next evolution of taking 360 ​​photos and 360 videos. This technology helps to link 360-degree photos together so that viewers can visualize the scene and have a wide view, explore space in the most intuitive and vivid way.
  • From a panoramic 360-degree space with a panoramic view of the whole building, viewers can choose the destination they want by clicking on each area in the frame, it will lead us to a 360-degree image of the building. smaller spaces.
  • Customers can easily visit the company’s works and products through the application on their computer or phone, helping to increase the amount of customer interaction with the product.
  • Especially with this virtual reality tour, businesses can dub the introduction for the project and take customers on a tour according to a predetermined route. Thereby bringing maximum effect on images and content conveyed to customers.

Experience a 360 Tour that VR Plus has implemented at link below:

2. Why do you need a virtual reality solution?

The virtual reality solution 360 Virtual Tour (360-degree virtual reality tour) offers a 360-degree panoramic view that allows viewers to interact with all angles and directions of the venue desired without the limitations of conventional 2D images. Tour 360 is also publishable on all platforms & Browsers of smart devices (laptops, smartphones, VR glasses, also known as virtual reality glasses,…) effectively support interactions to enhance customer experience in marketing communication campaigns of brands. brand.

360 space
Tour 360 image by project DUSIT PRINCESS RESORT.( VR PLUS)

So why will your brand need a Virtual Reality Solution 360 Space?

1. 360 Space (or 360 Virtual Tour) is now a unique and new form of advertising for all products or brands. Which brand wants to maximize the customer experience.

2. A virtual tour allows customers to directly interact with the product in 360 degrees, as if they were in the store to see the product or visit the location. This helps make purchasing decisions faster and makes customers feel more confident in your brand.

3. Many leading brands have been researching and implementing Tour 360 to catch up with technology. So why doesn’t your business consider this to create a new marketing campaign. Here, virtual tour is flexible application for many different fields such as: Education, fashion, real estate, restaurant, hotel, entertainment, tourism, events…

Below is a 360 video from the Virtual Reality Tour in SUNHOUSE Retail Showroom project.

3. 360 Space ​​(360 Virtual Tour) – Benefits for businesses

  • Unlimited geographical distance to help promote products and business brands business to more customers.
  • Helps increase customer traffic and interaction with products because customers can easily visit the company’s works and products.
  • Rise higher in search results and increase your website’s visibility on Google.
  • Develop trust and familiarity with potential customers.
  • Support the process of “selling”, introducing and consulting products more easily.
  • Create brand reputation, have advantages over businesses using conventional forms.

Watch the 360 ​​video taken from DLS office tour and new interactive features here:

4. Some outstanding features VR Plus provides:

  • Livepano
  • Day & Night Screen
  • Virtual Guide
  • 360 Videos
  • 3D Scan

With the technique take 360-degree photos and 360 videos With high standards as well as today’s most modern virtual reality tour construction technology, VRPlus is committed to bringing the most accurate experience of space, architecture or product details, helping to increase effectiveness in marketing products and bringing products closer to customers.

To learn what virtual reality is and applications of virtual reality technology, 360 tour technology in marketing & sales, you can refer to our article here.

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