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If the tour tour virtual reality 360 ( 360 Virtual Tour ) has drawn the distance between the product and the viewer by taking a 360 degree VR tour then Interactive 3D Programming (3D Planning) is even more interactive by the viewer by empowering the viewer to fine-tune the structure of products. These are the unique features found in the 360 interactive website.

website 360

Get a better understanding of a 360 website.

  • Website 360 ​​ as the name suggests is a website. However, not only providing information and utilities for viewers, interactive website integrates VR technology – bringing virtual space to the web platform so that viewers can visit online and interact 360 degrees. with products.
  • 3D Scan technology allows users to scan a room, a house or even a real-life building into 3D images or 3D drawings with precision up to 100%.
  • By using the VR glasses connected to the 360 Virtual Tour app, viewers can tour each position in the house, see the house in a holistic way, Gently switch between positions such as “walking”, interactively viewing, rotating objects 360 degrees, even arranging objects in the house according to your preference or choosing the paint color you want.
  • 3D engagement gives viewers more choice when they are the designers of their future home and have the power to make shopping decisions. reasonable from the start.

Let’s experience a video depicting a 3D shopping tour with built-in customer interaction rights:

360 website features.

  • Can integrate videos and photos, 360 photos, 360 videos
  • Provides a full range of information, helps to have an overview of the image of products or services.
  • Can be shared on social networking sites, compatible on many smart devices including laptops, tablets, mobile phones, VR glasses, …
  • In addition to features like a regular web page, website VR also helps visitors to move in space, interact easily with objects in that space such as rotating, drag, “move”, zoom in, zoom out to see all directions of products and services just through manipulation on devices without having to move to the apartment.

You can click on here to get a better picture of the interactive 360 ​​Tour in the VR website or watch the 360 ​​tour experience. interaction below:

Wyndham Lynn Times Thanh Thuy’s virtual tour 360 project. (VR PLUS)

Website 360 ​​- Benefits for the business

  • 360 interactive 360 ​​integrated website Virtual Tour helps businesses convey product and service information fully, effectively and save time . For example, you can take shoppers on a quick tour of sample apartments, real estate projects, … anywhere, anytime.
  • 3D interaction integrated into practical solutions (360 tours, 360 videos, …) makes your website more attractive to users, helping to turn Access increases even more.
  • Create a new, interesting way to help customers be interested in learning more about the product. From there, spend more time on the site.
  • It is possible to save money to change every detail of the attraction as this technology allows the customer to interactively select product models.
  • Helping customers who are far away, do not have direct time to experience can interact with the products in the most intimate and authentic way.
  • Support to increase purchasing power, closing sales for businesses
  • With the creation of a smart and professional marketing solution, 3D interactive programming will help businesses improve the product’s image in the market as well as in the eyes of consumers.

Virtual showroom project with 360 degree interactive products in collaboration with Sunhouse. (VRPlus)

What fields should apply interactive 3D solution for website 360 ​​(VR Website).

  • Because 3D interactive programming requires high meticulousness such as combining various effects, businesses using this application are often investors of apartment buildings. luxury, villas, resorts, … or large retail corporations, events, schools, hospitals, industrial parks …

Below is a 3D showroom project with interactive integration on the VR PLUS game platform in partnership with MIGHTY JAXX (demo link)

What VR Plus provides

Currently, interactive 360 ​​website integrated with 360 virtual reality tour has been very popularly applied in the fields of architecture, entertainment, real estate. products, retail … With the existing solid 3D technology foundation combined with unique ideas, VRPlus will bring customers an optimal solution in bringing products closer to consumers and to raise the level of business in the market.

To learn what virtual reality is and virtual reality and 360 tour technology applications in marketing & sales, you can refer to our article here .

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