Solutions to apply virtual and improved reality in event organization?


Never before has the experts in the event field stopped looking for new ways and ideas to innovate the current way of organizing events and put them into practice. At the time of writing this article, I believe that this is a good time to explore new technologies to apply in event planning, namely XR (extended reality – & nbsp; extended virtual reality). , AR (augmented reality – & nbsp; augmented reality ) and finally VR (virtual reality – & nbsp; virtual reality ), this would be technology applications that bring breakthroughs in the next phase of Virtual Event.

Before going into the main content of this article, people can learn more about virtual reality in this article “ Definition of Virtual Reality VR, AR, MR and XR ? < / em> ”& nbsp;

To explain why there is a perception that this is the right time to pay attention to reality & amp; should think about implementing virtual events instead of today’s traditional events invite you to take a look at the following statistics:

The XR market is steadily growing strongly as global XR spending is expected to approach £ 130 billion by 2023, According to PwC’s future trend prediction report, by 2030, the world will spend up to 1.39 billion pounds on XR (and the UK market alone is 62.5 billion pounds). & nbsp;

Source: Summary.

Enough to see the potential and the near future will belong to virtual reality technology, so now we will find out if there are any VR and AR application methods that can be applied. Not in the event organization: & nbsp;

Immersive in virtual space and interacting in real space. 

If you want to do an experiential event for a lot of attendees but are they in many different places or even parts of the world? So how will you do it? With VR and augmented reality (AR) you can create a virtual event with immersive, immersive experience interactions. & Nbsp;

With this technology, you can create interactions with 3D content in real space, allowing people to explore and interact according to their desired behavior such as zooming in and out, touching images. photo to listen to sound, take a selfie. This is also the application of AR technology for interaction that Google Search has implemented during the social isolation in March 2020, allowing people to take pictures with animals created in 3D in the room. guests or any place at home.

virtual event
Google AR Search Bring 3D animals to everyone’s living room during quarantine. Photo: Google.

For an event, you can completely simulate it into an interactive 3D space, all guests can be accessed to attend remotely with optional internal access and display. Content differs like: & nbsp;

  • Experience through VR & nbsp;
  • AR helps interact with real space on mobile or tablet & nbsp;
  • Experience events 3D simulation on interactive website

virtual event


3D simulate a real space event space to help people see with real experience.

The client will access the virtual event through an interactive website or use the virtual reality glasses moving in 3D space as a regular event attendance flow, the client can interact with the area. Get experience such as: checkin, take photos, view product introduction and move to the event hall area

to see the show content of the event as if they were present at the event. & nbsp;

virtual event


A sense of a 360 space designed with Realistic 3D

The interaction and experience in a 3D environment will often be applied to the experience booths of a virtual event, so that you can easily see through the experience of a 3D lacquer product gallery below. , real products are scanned 360 degrees and placed in a virtual display space designed in 3D, and customers can choose to view products – interact and experience at will. & nbsp;


Interact with real products in 3D virtual galleries.


Simulates interacting and experiencing a virtual event. & nbsp; Source: & nbsp; Afriten Technologies

Product detail introduction with virtual event(AR)


Through the above illustrations, you can partly see the power of AR when it helps shoppers have a fascinating virtual experience, right? And when they have that online experience at home, it becomes even more convenient, which is why retail brands often choose this approach as a way to influence the buying process. guest application as a form of a semi-experience. & nbsp;

virtual event

Imagine if you can experience the Audi R8 car you desire in your living room? From having an R8 lying on your dining table, allowing you to comfortably contemplate without disturbing anyone, to groping to see every detail, specifications for the comfort of guests. knowledgeable and difficult goods. & nbsp;

This technology is quite popular and seems to be very suitable if you apply to the product experience counter at virtual events or events. & nbsp;

Some solutions to apply 360 technology, virtual reality that you may be interested in: 

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