Solutions to apply virtual reality, tour 360 technology for industrial zones


It seems that Tour 360 for IPs is still quite new in Vietnam, the number of IPs who understand the benefits that this virtual tour brings is not many. So VR PLUS is looking forward to providing some knowledge and support of Virtual Reality Tour 360 for marketing plans for businesses .

An effective solution that fully integrates the introduction, scale, facilities and available advantages of the industrial park in a vivid and intuitive way to help investors visualize clearly The most cannot fail to mention that is VR Tour 360.

virtual tour factory
Góc nhìn ‘bird view’ 360 độ toàn cảnh thấy rõ quy mô, mặt bằng của khu công nghiệp

1. Virtual reality tour 360 for IPs

VR Tour 360 was created to completely replace the real environment around the viewer. At the same time, the experiencer can actively interact, role-play and visit in multi-dimensional space in real time. The first time you hear it, you will think this solution is complicated, but the fact that VR Tour’s usage and friendliness is highly appreciated. Viewers can access it on most types of smart devices (phones, laptops, PCs, Tablets, VR Glasses,…) and on a variety of browsers and platforms (webbase, youtube, …) . Not only that, viewers can easily interact, move, rotate 360 ​​space, zoom in, out,… right on this environment easily.

Let’s refer to a project that VRPlus has implemented here:

Video highlight VR Tour 360 nhà máy Sunhouse. (VRPlus)
thực tế ảo tour 360
Hình ảnh trong dự án VR Tour nhà máy Sunhouse. (VRPlus)

2. Virtual table 360

Similar to the real estate sector, the use of virtual table top solution and virtual reality 360 tour is a perfect combination. You can observe the Industrial Park under a 360-degree panoramic view with a realistic, overview image. The solution clearly shows the current advantages such as extensive scale, reasonable planning, convenient transportation system of the industrial park. Not only stopping at the viewing angle, Tour 360 also helps to interact with moving by clicking on the points you want to visit between areas.

factory vr tour
Hình ảnh minh họa thực tế ảo VR 360 Tour áp dụng cho khu công nghiệp

3. Movement diagram

A particularly convenient and smart function integrated right on VR Tour is the Floorplan. This floorplan helps customers to know where they are on the experience area, where their vision is heading to be able to move to other points quickly if needed. This function really helps viewers to actively visualize the project in a scientific, simple and fast way.

VR tour khu công nghiệp
Tích hợp bản đồ tổng quan dự án khu công nghiệp trong virtual tour

Below is the Factory VR Tour project that VR PLUS has developed in collaboration with Terumo containing a moving diagram (Floorplan 2D), invites you have the same experience. See details here:

Video highlight triển khai dự án VRTour 360 cho Terumo có kết hơp sơ đồ di chuyển (VRPlus)

4. Integrated 3D Model

For areas that are not available in practice, this function allows additional integration of 3D content into the experience tour. From there, it helps customers to have a complete and intuitive view, easily envisioning what the area will be like in the future.

thực tế ảo tour 360
Model 3D được tích hợp vào ảnh chụp 360 thực tế (VRPlus)

5. Video 360 – Visiting the production process

If it is only necessary to describe the surrounding space in the most modern and general way, VR Tour has really provided all the necessary features for a virtual tour. However, your business may also consider the Video 360 solution if this tour needs to focus on describing production, moving, or other activities occurring in factories and processing areas.

Video 360 is different from normal video, it shows all the viewing angles, the flexibility in moving to the desired position. Not only that, 360 video also allows the integration of attached information such as 2D photo, text, voice,… Thanks to that, viewers can easily go to details, visit space and at the same time understand the operation of the machine and see the details of the production process.

Watch the video below to understand more about 360 video technology for industrial parks:

6. Benefits of Virtual Reality Tour 360

In a simple way, the VR 360  solution will increase online interaction, save time and travel costs, and help customers learn everything related to real estate projects thoroughly. that they care about.

In addition to the basic features with benefits as above, VR Tour also allows to integrate some additional functions to serve visitors or make the tour more unique and interesting such as: match quizz game, 3D model, virtual tour guide, live guided tour

Every field has been applying virtual reality technology to develop, approach and impress potential customers. Even the industrial park “Application of virtual reality, 360-degree tour ” is really a solution to help investors access easier and faster than the industrial park model to make investment decisions. fourth.

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