Solutions to apply virtual reality, tour 360 technologu for schools


Not only the retail sector is invested by many brands to apply art to enhancing the experience of their customers, but even in today’s Education sector, schools are also very legitimate. time started to pay attention to virtual reality technology , 360 tour technology to help your “customer” experience the entire facilities, no Membership spaces interact with any school location on any device or browser they can.  

As one of the essential industries of any country, so in every stage of the country’s economic development, the school will definitely be the place to focus on investment, upgrading and renovation. In addition, every parent wants to choose for their children to study in a quality environment & amp; has the best facilities. And with the experience using 360 virtual reality technology (360 space) or virtual reality combined with interaction, it is certain that customers will have a completely different sense of true 360 degrees. Old traditional methods like regular pictures and videos.

Virtual reality 360 technology for schools

And to help schools build a distinctively different experience & amp; A new image in communication, and better access to potential customers, VR PLUS has launched a solution “ Applying virtual reality technology, Tour 360 technology for schools “with a series of school projects has been implemented in 2020.

Experience the entire tour at đây

This solution has been deployed on a system of 5 kindergartens belonging to the international training system such as Brighton Montessori Vietnam, Just Kids Kindergartents in Hanoi & amp; Ho Chi Minh City as well as Hong Bang International University. To better understand the solution you can watch our video introducing a project below:

Experience the entire tour at đây

With this Tour 360 (360 space) solution, technology will help schools introduce in detail the state of their facilities to parents, helping them experience online. and make quick choice decisions. Not only that, the incorporation of more lectures or introducing instructors on the 360 tour with video will also be a new approach in the form of an approach, which will surely attract attention from parents and students, when The form of online learning is growing strongly.

In addition to integrating instructional voice into the tour, schools can choose a more novel Tour Guide (tour guide) solution, which will greatly increase the experience and authenticity.

Virtual tour guide in 360 tour for schools

To learn what is virtual reality? and virtual reality applications, 360 tour technology in marketing & amp; How to sell, you can refer to our article at here .

Some solutions applying 360 technology, virtual reality may interest you: 

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