Virtual reality solution, tour 360 technology for hotel, resort and restaurant


Virtual reality application solution has become gradually popular in many fields, not only real estate, showroom or retail, but also encountered and has important promotional value. important in other segments such as hotels, resorts and restaurants. Virtual reality tour 360 degree tour technology of VR PLUS helps restaurants, hotels, resorts introduce to potential customers luxurious space, dedicated service. Thereby creating attraction, attracting customers to order, book, schedule to experience.

Công nghệ thực tế ảo VR 360 Tour
Hình ảnh từ Tour thực tế ảo 360 độ trong dự án P’APIU Resort. (VR PLUS)

1. Solution 360 Degree Tour technology makes a difference from competitors.

When faced with the choice of places to visit, customers will have to consider and set a measure of which place is worth the experience. A restaurant, hotel or resort that provides an overview, clean and beautiful by using virtual reality solution, 360-degree tour will help customers feel secure and excited to choose services without taking much time to learn or need advice and simulations about facilities and services here.

Hình ảnh từ Tour thực tế ảo 360 độ trong dự án DUSIT PRINCESS Hotels & Resorts . (VR PLUS)

Besides, in the Experience Tour, you can integrate more service information such as: restaurant menu, hotel services, address, location on gg maps… inside the images or 360 video so customers can click on the hotspot there and see the information.

DUSIT PRICESS Hotels & Resorts through the virtual reality perspective of Tour 360, you can see the luxury, shimmering inside the hotel, but also very peaceful and spacious outside the campus.

Invite you to visit the 360 ​​tour project of DUSIT PRINCESS Hotels & Resorts that VR PLUS has implemented here.

As you just visited, in addition to the scenes taken on the ground, Tour 360 can also combine 360-degree shooting with high views by flycam. From there, it is possible to have an overview, covering the location, area, and utilities of the whole restaurant and hotel campus.

2. Virtual interaction, fascinating 360-degree tour with just one smart electronic device.

Even though they do not go directly to the location, the restaurant, hotel, and resort still allows customers to experience interactive services and visualize everything here. Simple to use, automatic or proactive can satisfy customers of all ages. You just need to rotate the phone or click to move 360 ​​degrees and then touch the points you want to visit such as rooms, swimming pools, … you will have a full view from panoramic to close-up. Interactive 360-degree tour virtual reality really gives customers a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment. From there, customers will want to experience and promote the need to use the service even more.

Hình ảnh từ Tour thực tế ảo 360 độ trong dự án KK Sapa Hotels. (VR PLUS)

With the advantage of being located in an extremely unique location, the scenery is majestic and green. Virtual reality tour 360 that VR PLUS conducted has helped to describe all the advantages from the surrounding nature to the structure and interior of KK Sapa Hotel in a peaceful, authentic way that no less modern.

CuExperience VR PLUS 360 Virtual Reality Tour in cooperation with KK Sapa Hotel below:

3. The benefits of Tour 360 for restaurants, hotels and businesses.

Coming here, you can probably imagine what Tour 360 in a restaurant, hotel, or resort is like, right? Let’s review the benefits when businesses use 360 virtual reality tour to promote restaurants, hotels, and resorts.

  • Help customers accurately understand products and services and make a good impression.
  • Create a new, interactive experience that was not available before.
  • Increasing traffic and interaction in the website of restaurants, hotels, resorts.
  • “Sales” is easier when customers understand about products and services. service restaurant, hotel, resort.
  • Gain the trust of customers when expectations are really as expected.
  • Create a reputation, have an advantage over other businesses The business uses the usual form of photography and video marketing.

    Another VR Tour for restaurants that you can refer to: The Clover 360 Restaurant Tour Project – Ngoc Thuy, Long Bien, Hanoi

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To learn what virtual reality is? and applications of virtual reality, 360 tour technology in marketing & how to sell, you can refer to our article here nhh.

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