The “huge” benefit of VR virtual reality to VR real estate.


Help save billions of dong, speed up contract signing. Bringing an overview to customers in choosing and connecting to shorten the real estate transaction time… Those are the immense benefits that real estate has from VR virtual reality technology. .

VR virtual reality technology brings a lot of promise to fields such as healthcare, education… and especially real estate. The potential of VR technology in the real estate sector is immense.

VR will be an effective right hand for the real estate sector – where traditional activities are mainly based on customer experience. VR will solve many problems for both investors and buyers or renters, including visiting places where customers don’t have to visit, showing off the house to potential customers, Visualize areas that need repairs, organize household items, and more.

Here are ways real estate developers and customers will benefit from VR:

1. Easy to visit and increase contract performance.

The most important thing in real estate is to help customers visit and experience the house in the easiest and most comfortable way. Not only buying a house, but also helping them to rent other products. With just an internet device, they can “walk around” and look up and down as if they were present in the house itself.

Real estate in VR

Besides traveling, customers can also visit an entire “building” in just one night. Not only that, VR technology helps real estate owners find potential customers more quickly. Thanks to improved sales performance, many real estate agents have made VR a business. tool of an effective marketing strategy.

2. Improve communication with customers.

We often find that the majority of customers often complain about difficulties such as housework: “How should the laundry be done”, “the bedroom is too tight”, or the feedback, Questions like these are exhausting for both sides. We can all solve such questions with technology VR Tour 360 without having to go to your place to solve it.


Communication between the two parties becomes even more important for investors specializing in short-term vacation rentals. When customers will feel there are too many problems while they only rent to spend time on vacation, not to care about other issues.

VR can do that by giving customers the exact location of rooms and furniture to make it easier for them to organize things in their rented house, or help them go places. they want to go in the house. Since vacation returns are often very high, effective communication is even more important than long-term rentals.

3. Advertise prestigious products with top quality with VR real estate.

The main job of real estate companies is marketing their products. Therefore, product quality and advertising must always be first.

Creating a tour to advertise your home will be uninterrupted and will not only “engage” quality tenants, but will also help you reduce the time your home is abandoned. no.

With VR, most managers are happy to no longer have to lead each guest on a traditional tour. They have too much work, nothing is more disappointing than spending 1.2 hours to lead a group of visitors but ultimately bring no benefit”.

Image from 7home Project 360 Degree Virtual Reality Tour (VR PLUS)

Virtual reality will enhance the quality of the guests before they actually arrive at the venue. They have experienced and immersed themselves in the tour before, so they are not usually ‘virtual leads’. This saves time for homeowners, property managers, and real estate agents who want to work with serious tenants.

Video highlight from 360 degree virtual reality tour in 7home project. (VR PLUS)

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