The explosion of virtual reality technology is bringing a new concept to the smokeless industry – virtual travel.

Virtual reality is one of the pioneering technologies in the industrial revolution 4.0. The explosion of this technology has not only brought a change in entertainment industries such as movies and video games, but also brought a new concept to the smokeless industry – virtual tourism.

Put on your glasses, step on a simulator and immediately start cruising the skies of Paris. The device is synchronized with the image, giving visitors a realistic experience such as when levitating, twirling or tilting to the side. Each tour lasts 13 minutes, providing a unique experience for visitors.

virtual reality technology

With the outstanding advantages of the ability to sense the context, VR technology is also being applied to tourism in Vietnam. The demand for searching information about tourism in Vietnam has skyrocketed in recent years. Virtual reality technology is expected to be an effective tool to help businesses create an advantage in an increasingly competitive market.


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