“We travel not to escape life, but so that life does not escape us”. It’s the best way to make one feel love to travel, and after all why not: Travel is Life and for those who don’t travel a lot Virtual reality technology is a lifesaver.

travel virtual reality

Tourism is the largest industry in the world and Virtual Reality has become a hot spot in the Tourism industry. Virtual reality allows tours to explore all over the world. With a pioneering position in promoting the tourism industry, people can go to places that “try before you experience”. This is especially helpful for smaller and less popular tourist destinations, as travelers can keep an eye on what’s in these places.

Giving a panoramic 360 view of different locations to potential travel agents can ensure the best experience for them and increase their level of trust at the same time. Travel agents will help their customers choose the best package based on their budget and desires.

Tourists and hotels can also recommend destinations and facilities. Interactive technology allows potential hotel or resort customers to explore and experience the real thing before booking. Companies have even thought of recreating the physical space by using real experiences (wind, aroma,…) with potential customers in a virtual experience.

Some cities have developed virtual reality in Tourism extremely strongly such as London, Paris, Prague, Singapore, New York…

travel virtual reality

The partnership between Thomas Cook and Samsung Gear VR is an example, showcasing Thomas Cook’s physical locations around the world. This partnership gives 12,000£ and 40% return on investment within the first 3 months.

Providing tangible elements, such as video clips, animations, and virtual guides to tourist sites and hotels, and increasing accessibility to local tourism, especially for travel enthusiasts calendar. For this reason, VR technology is likely to have a great impact on the tourism industry in the future.

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