Virtual event solutions
Apply VR 360 technology for enterprises


VIRTUAL EVENT SOLUTIONS – Application of virtual reality technology.

Many businesses are still struggling to find solutions to balance their previous activities because since social distancing, activities such as organizing customer events, product launch events have been interrupted. paragraph. This directly affects the business situation and reduces sales.

Understanding those needs, VR PLUS & HM MEDIA officially launched the solution Virtual EVENT (VIRTUAL EVENT) the first application of virtual reality technology 360 in Vietnam. The solution has hit the urgent needs of many businesses in the context that the Covid epidemic can still return at any time. Therefore, having your own online event solution is a matter of priority.

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What is Virtual Event?

Virtual Event is literally a virtual event (online event), where your customers will check in to the event by accessing website, click on the event link and log in. Here, guests can participate, access and capture information like a normal event, just using a smart device with network connection such as smartphone, PC, table, VR device,… < br>In addition, this is also a new marketing method, causing a lot of curiosity and attracting visitors because it uses VR 360 virtual reality technology. That helps businesses to introduce products online in a unique way.

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VIRTUAL EVENT SOLUTIONS – solves the limitations of regular events

  • It is possible to design a spacious, grand virtual 3D space for the entire hall or hall of the event if there is no actual hall.
  • Access to a lot customers can participate in corporate events without limitation.
  • No geographical restrictions: any customer anywhere in the world can participate in the event. because this is an online event.
  • It is a new and unique medium and communication material, and at the same time, it shows the professionalism and pioneering technology of the business. /ul>
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Special feature in VIRTUAL EVENT SOLUTIONS: Live guided tour

Live guided tour is an additional feature integrated in a virtual event that helps customers video call directly with a consultant to exchange, introduce and answer questions. immediately infected. Thanks to this tool, businesses can guide customers to follow the right flow of the event scenario, helping to increase the sales closing rate as well as the professionalism shown behind it.

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If you are looking for some more applications of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in virtual events, please refer to this article for further expansion.

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