3Dvista VT Pro has integrated a new video export format that allows the virtual reality tour to be 360 degree video

Virtual reality tour

You can upload your Virtual Reality Tour to social networks like Youtube, Facebook and many formats that support watch 360 videos. You will be able to see Virtual Reality Tour like a normal 360 degree video without clicking on a hotspot. Especially, thanks to the “auto-play” mode and change the viewing direction (based on the physical location of the device), your 360 degree video is sure to stand out and attract people. watch as they scroll through the feed.

This new integration will add even more value to your marketing campaign

  • Integrate videos to Facebook

When you upload a regular 360 video to Facebook, or a link to that video, viewers will definitely have to click on that post, the article will appear on a new page or tab. It takes 1s more, but through 3dvista VT pro, you will be able to upload 360 tour and Facebook’s auto-play mode will help increase attraction and attention by up to 500% more than an article with only photos. often.

  • Integrate videos on Youtube

The advantage of using 360 videos on Youtube channel is really effective for your Marketing campaigns. “Virtual” tours with very “real” interactions can push you to the top of search results. With application of virtual reality in marketing, you will have an additional strategic marketing channel in a short time and without too much investment.

VRPlus is a professional 360 video maker, which will surely help you have beautiful 360 movies and convey effective marketing messages.

In addition to the above utilities, check out what this VR – virtual reality technology can do in VR products and services.

Some 360 ​​technology application solutions, virtual reality may interest you: 

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