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Often, the best way to communicate the benefits of a hospital is through a walking tour. However, it’s hard to get in-person tours for a number of reasons. Patients cannot visit on foot, areas within the hospital are restricted to certain hours, and public health concerns limit access to many areas of the hospital. A VR Tour 360 for the hospital avoids such worries and creates a novel online experience for patients, family members and staff visiting the facility. material through an intuitive interface.

Hostpital VR Tour
Góc nhìn 360 không giới hạn trong 360 Tour

Not just ordinary images and videos, VR PLUS’s 360 virtual reality tour shows images with wide-angle to close-up views as if they were actually in the environment. real school. From there, the hospital can introduce its facility to increase its credibility as well as gain the trust of customers.

1. Tour 360 virtual reality technology allows to experience hospital facilities and campus.

360 Tour combine 360 images at specific locations that allow panoramic view from far to near, along with 3D interactive function. Users just need to click on the location of each area in the hospital that they want to go next to open a new sightseeing scene. From there, creating a panoramic, true view from the spacious campus to modern facilities, advanced medical equipment.

hospital 360 tour
Giao diện nhìn từ bên ngoài của bệnh viện trong VR 360 tour.

Usually areas such as operating rooms and intensive care units are hard to visit in person, but with a virtual tour this is possible. Links like images , videos, and text are appended to tour 360 to provide additional information to help patients or families navigate during hospital procedures. 

2. Virtual tour guide

Besides, in VR tour 360, there is also guidance and dedicated directions of medical staff when coming to each new area. This feature guides viewers directly, increasing the audio-visual experience, thereby providing more directions, navigation and information for easy sightseeing.

tour guide trong hospital tour
Chuyên viên hướng dẫn tham quan và cung cấp thông tin từng nơi bạn đến trong VR Tour.
Virtual MC integrated in Tour

Virtual reality tour allows users to move around the entire hospital campus, visit everywhere, just using a smart device with wifi connection despite being in home. Thanks to the application of virtual reality technology, the hospital will be able to display Modern facilities, spacious and clean campus.

3. Interactive virtual reality floor plan tour 360

A function integrated right on Virtual Tour is Floorplan. This feature will help customers know where they are in the floor plan of the experience area. They can move to other points quickly if needed. There are currently 2 types of floor plans to choose from: 2D or 3D (Refer to the illustrations below)

3.1. 2D format

View project details here

Terumo Industrial Park VR Tour Project

3.2. 3D format

View details here< /p>

virtual reality tour 360
3D floor plan

4. Video 360 – Experience the medical examination and treatment process with modern medical equipment

Integrating with sightseeing, another advanced function of Virtual Reality 360 Tour is that when users click a moving point into a clinic, they can Directly view the medical examination and treatment process with modern medical equipment without limitation of viewing angle. Just by a very simple operation, rotate the smartphone or hold the mouse and then drag and drop 360 degrees to the angles you want to see more closely. Let’s experience it together under a 360 video below:

A close-up 360 tour during treatment at a hospital in Los Angeles

Let’s experience virtual reality technology – 360 video describing the dental procedure using Colgate products below:

Experience using Colgate products with 360 video

5. Quiz game – Play while watching

Quiz Game is a feature that provides a highly interactive experience in a 360 space. Through this feature, practice hospitals can integrate lectures as well as tests. We can completely add questions, set the scoring system and the specified time. Instead of simple traditional methods, find ways to make learners feel more inspired and new.

thực tế ảo tour 360
Tính năng quiz game thực hành tương tác

Cùng trải nghiệm dự án Tour văn phòng DLS tại đây.

thực tế ảo tour 360
Tính năng quiz game

3.3. Live Guided Virtual Reality Tour 360

The function called Live Guided Tour – allows you to video call directly with customers while they are experiencing 360 Tour. This helps the Sales team introduce and guide to visit the showroom displaying products directly to customers, right on the platform of the device that the customer is experiencing.

Live Guided Tour – Live video call with KH

The use of virtual reality, 360 tour technology in the hospital is still quite new. However, we must admit that this has created great trust of customers in the hospital.

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To learn what virtual reality is? and applications of virtual reality, 360 tour technology in marketing & How to sell, you can refer to our article here okay.

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