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Real estate, virtual reality to the beautiful shimmering images of each project, perhaps have long been assigned to become an inseparable couple. Every time a technology is needed for Real Estate – it has to be virtual reality. Real estate distributors always want their projects to be easily accessible to potential customers. VR PLUS would like to introduce the solution “Virtual reality technology – 360 tour for real estate” through virtual reality and 360 experience technology.

In the field of Real Estate, Tour 360 (VR Tour) allows viewers to easily visit the architecture, clearly visualize the landscape and services here. Thereby enhancing the viewer’s experience and helping viewers have the most intuitive view of the service they are about to choose. In addition, this is also a method to promote images and services of real estate projects to a large number of users.

 Tour 360 for real estate

1. Tour 360 for real estate sets itself apart from the competition.

When it comes to a real estate project, helping customers to be able to see firsthand the plan, apartment or the whole project, even if the project has not yet formed is a condition. Prerequisite. It helps investors introduce future projects, sell lifestyles so that customers can easily visualize in the most authentic way. And to do that, only virtual reality 360 combined with floorplan can build such an experiential tour.

Besides, in the Experience Tour, you can integrate additional information such as: utility services, prices, addresses, location on gg maps… inside 360 ​​images or videos for guests to enjoy. Customers can click on the hotspot there and see the information.

2. World and Vietnam Virtual Tour Trends

VR Tour 360 is a technology that allows viewers to get lost in a simulated virtual world that fully, intuitively and vividly reproduces real images and experiences. reality, be it by actual images or 3D simulation images. Viewers can easily move around, rotate 360 ​​degrees, zoom in and out of locations or view detailed product information right on the website’s own platform.

Keeping up with new technology trends, many World and Vietnamese brands have quickly deployed virtual reality solutions for their real estate projects . These include: Sotheby’s International Reality, Bao Ninh Sunrise, NovaHills Mui Ne,…

Sotheby’s International Reality 360 tour project
Tour 360 Illustrated Project for Real Estate
Bao Ninh Sunrise Project (VR PLUS)

3.  Virtual Tour 360 solution for real estate

3.1 Experience the real space of real estate projects

To go into detail, close-up each area inside the project, building or model house, we need to have an overview from the outside. With 360 tour technology, the space of real estate will be captured 360 by flycam at high suitable pond or render 3D simulation visually for viewers to have a general view, specific visualization, easy interaction, move, rotate 360 ​​space, zoom in, zoom out,…

LA RIVIÈRE Luxury Villas  is also one of the projects on Real Estate 360 ​​Virtual Reality Tour of VR PLUS. You can see firsthand the panoramic view of this villa from above, move and rotate 360 ​​degrees to tour the campus as well as the traffic around the villa or interact specifically with each room inside the model house.

tour 360 properties
Virtual desk space 360 ​​La Rivière project (VRPlus)

3.2 Select each area to explore 

With Tour 360, customers can choose between navigating with arrows, like a real-life experience, moving and visiting areas one by one. Or customers can choose to move to the desired area through the integrated moving map right on the display screen.

Select the sightseeing area in the 360 ​​tour project for real estate

3.3 Experience the design details inside

After selecting the desired sightseeing area, be it the outdoor area, rooms, swimming pool,… customers can visit the whole area. Here, customers will be able to visit the 360 ​​space of the area, easily move, zoom in, zoom out, in addition, they can also see all the information and attached services that owner of the project. real estate offers.

Distributors of real estate projects  can integrate additional information to promote images and enhance the value of services they bring. As a result, customers can not only experience the space, but also be provided with more information that if only regular sightseeing as a practical experience, it is easy to ignore. Then customers can easily compare, compare and choose the right product.

Image from 360 Degree Virtual Reality Tour in 7home project. (VR PLUS)

3.4 Register to view the project, order, rent

Certainly after such a visit, customers can have a choice for themselves. Customers can easily choose to view / rent / buy projects integrated right on the website platform. The system will be redirected to popular ordering websites, or contact directly via the hotline number provided.

4. Typical features integrated in Virtual Tour 360 for real estate

4.1 Locate on Google Maps

This feature helps customers locate the real estate project they are interested in, see the amenities of the surrounding area and see if this is a convenient and suitable area. suit your needs or not. From there it is easier to make a choice.

4.2 2D Video Integration

To enhance the customer experience, VR Plus can directly integrate 2D videos onto the TV/projector screen in 3D space. Thereby providing more information to customers, and simulating the experience like customers are visiting in real life.

 Virtual Tour 360 degrees of Wyndham Lynn Thanh Thuy Real Estate Project (VR PLUS)
Image from Wyndham Lynn Thanh Thuy’s 360 Degree Virtual Tour (VR PLUS)

4.3 Moving floor plan in 360 tour for real estate

Besides building 3D apartments, Floor Plans are also an extremely useful feature for real estate traders to introduce apartments to customers. The integrated floor plan is not simple to view but fully interactive to move between points in the room. There are 2 types of floorplans that can be selected to be integrated into tour 360 to increase interaction between pixels.

profile integration floor plan in 360 tour
Floorplan 2D 7home project (VRPlus)
tour 360 properties
Floorplan 3D that VRPlus has cooperated to deploy with foreign partners.

4.4 Virtual tour guide

Virtual Tour 360  will become more friendly and closer with the virtual tour guide feature.  This feature will integrate a Tour Guide to guide viewers directly. From there, there are more instructions, navigation and information so that customers can visit Virtual Tour 360 to be most complete and complete.

In addition, Virtual Tour 360 can also integrate with many different languages, helping to diversify the approach to many customer groups.

4.5 Live Guide Tour (Live Guide Tour)

Live Guided Tour – allows you to video call live and guide your customers while they are experiencing Tour 360 on any smart device. Help customers have an authentic product experience like being guided by the service staff like a traditional experience. From there, providing complete, intuitive, and vivid information to customers

5. Benefits of Tour 360 for real estate

In a simple way, 360 Experience Tour – Virtual Tour 360 will increase online interaction, save time and travel costs, help customers find out everything related to the real estate project they are interested in.

Virtual Reality & Tour 360 has flexible rendering on any device & browser, has a lightweight design, which means that customers just need to sit at home and have a smartphone in hand. At the same time, on Tour 360, it is possible to integrate a variety of other multimedia such as TVC, sound, 2D images, attached text…

Let’s refer to a project VR Tour 360 for the model house of Novahills Mui Ne that VRP has implemented 

tour 360 properties
Illustration image in VR Tour Novahills Mui Ne project. (VRPlus)

6. Virtual Tour 360 design service for professional real estate

Create your own unique promotional style in an impressive way with Tour 360 technology to win your trust deeply into the quality of customers’ products and services, bringing business performance beyond expectations.

To learn what virtual reality is? and applications of virtual reality, 360 tour technology in marketing & how to sell, you can refer to our article here nhe.

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