Virtual reality solutions, 360 tour technology for automotive showroom


The use of & nbsp; 360 Virtual Reality Tour & nbsp; helps customers to experience practically each vehicle, each type of vehicle, increase online interaction, save time and travel costs. In addition, with virtual reality technology “360 space”, just in a place with wifi connection and smartphone in hand, & nbsp; customers can easily explore the interior and exterior of the vehicle they are targeting.

1. 360 Showroom Tour

Previously, when shopping online, buyers could not personally try and check the shopping items, thereby leading to anxiety, hesitation when buying, with & nbsp; Tour Showroom 360 , online shopping experience of customers has been raised to new heights. when shoppers can not only view pictures, videos of products, but also experience in virtual environment the products they are interested in: look, watch, try from many different angles.

2. Experience interactive 3D products

In addition to the 360-degree virtual reality tour, now has more modern and realistic features, allowing users to directly interact with the product. With products that are 3Dized and integrated on the website, viewers can freely interact with the product such as changing colors, testing features … Such solutions also help users get an overview. products, while helping them make their choices easier.

Take the motorcycle example in the video above, just with a smartphone or laptop screen, you can try all different colors, different mirror designs, windshield, Different wheel colors… All to create your own car.

Any business or retail store can use separately or combine these two solutions together to create a superior experience to present their products to customers.

What is virtual reality? and virtual reality applications, 360 tour technology in marketing & amp; How to sell, you can refer to our article & nbsp; here & nbsp; okay.

Some solutions to apply 360 technology, virtual reality that you may be interested in: 

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