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Virtual reality technology has made great strides in recent years, from very heavy formats to mobile versions and mobile headsets. The number of devices sold is increasing and the content is increasingly rich and realistic. VR is also taking steps to become more practical and commercial. For example, real estate companies or brokers take advantage of virtual reality to attract customers and reduce operating costs.

Since 2015, VR has emerged as a new marketing tool in many industries, including real estate. Companies have already begun showing potential customers and experiencing multimillion-dollar apartments and homes, through the Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headset.

Technical glasses VR virtual reality

Since then, the number of VR real estate projects has been increasing. VR is also becoming more flexible and dynamic, and experts predict VR will continue to grow steadily in the real estate industry. The projected revenue of VR/AR software in this industry is $2.6 billion by 2025. Even so, major challenges still lie ahead, including producing high-quality content and reducing lead-time. production and price of virtual reality headsets.

The charm of real estate VR

  • Virtual Reality Tour

Buying property for personal or business needs takes a lot of time and patience. It becomes even more difficult if the geographical distance between the property and the buyer is too great. Virtual reality has the potential to save time and money on real estate previews, by visiting the reality from a distance. Any VR headset model is capable of performing such a virtual reality tour. It can be a guided tour in the form of 360 photos or an interactive tour of the facilities.

  • Virtual visualization

VR can support the business of assets under construction. Real estate agents or brokers always have difficulty recommending such apartments because of the lack of specific images of the owners. And 3D design visualization allows clients to view the exterior or even interior design of the property.

virtual reality technology vr

  • Build a virtual room

Plain walls, bare furniture, no decoration… can greatly reduce the chances of apartments selling. Starting from 1985 onwards, companies have started collaborating with interior designers to show detailed properties. This operation is called building a room. The parameters show that building the room will save 80% of the time to sell the house. This method can also be applied to virtual rooms. Moreover, virtual editing rooms cost less than real ones.

vr virtual reality technology

  • Virtual Commerce

In addition, building virtual assets can bring many additional benefits to both businesses and apartment owners. In addition to helping to make a good impression, virtual space design can also be a part of virtual commerce. A design element in a three-dimensional tour can be accompanied by a purchase option.virtual reality technology vr

Benefits of Virtual Reality in Real Estate

Today’s technology is valued on its ability to make our lives easier and more convenient, and the work environment more stable. Virtual reality has a number of advantages to offer to business sectors, especially real estate.

  • Save time

Nothing is as valuable as time. Thanks to VR, it’s faster to find and evaluate new properties. With a virtual reality tour, it doesn’t take hours or even days to visit the property. Buyers or brokers can easily use virtual reality glasses in the office or at home at any time.

  • Save money

At first glance, VR technology seems expensive and high-tech, especially virtual tour with quality graphics and commercial features. But the above cost is very reasonable compared to the cost of advertising (offline or online) and the actual construction of the sample room. The actual design, transportation, and placement are replaced by 3D models and reused in many other locations.

  • Make an emotional connection

Unlike other 2D printed images, the virtual tours feel real and realistic. No need to rush, viewers have enough relaxation, comfort to explore and interact. Viewing photos or videos won’t be possible by moving from room to room. This will certainly speed up the buying and selling process, by eliciting a sense of ownership.

    • International Links

Virtual reality eliminates the gap. That’s why since the first VR tours were conceived, brokers have started to expand their customer base, not just limited to local clients. Today, the distance between countries is narrowing, people move from place to place, even halfway around the world. And virtual reality can affect supply and demand in the real estate industry around the world.

Real Estate VR Example

With virtual room building services for real estate companies, there is now Roomy platform. These companies emphasize built homes selling at a faster rate for a higher price, and they were right. Besides brokers, an ordinary person can also design the interior of his house through Roomy. The software allows the option of virtual models, the ability to convert 2D images to 3D…

VR and augmented reality technologies will reach $108 billion.virtual reality technology vr

Because printed images are completely outdated, and the first virtual reality home tour, created with 360 photos, is not an up-to-date marketing tool like a modern VR experience. Matteport offers an all-in-one capture system with the help of their unique 3D camera. This special camera helps to produce real estate tours in 4K resolution.virtual reality technology vr

Virtual Xperience is specifically designed for properties under construction. VR content creation software for realtors and construction companies, presenting unfinished apartments in the best way. 3D images can be viewed online or with virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive.

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