Virtual Reality VIDEO Appears On Transatlantic Flight


Spanish airline Iberia and startup Inflight VR, which specializes in virtual reality for the travel industry, have teamed up to provide virtual reality video during flights. Starting from the last month of February 2019, passengers on the Madrid-Tel Aviv and Madrid-New York routes will experience flying in a whole new way.

virtual reality video

Thanks to the virtual reality glasses (VR Glasses) included in the tax-free package of about $7, passengers have a huge entertainment database from movies, games, documentaries and even updated concerts. earliest date. The premiere form virtual reality video has become an impressive highlight for the flight. This highlight has turned into a Marketing strength.

Watching a virtual reality video, it feels more than a flight

These exciting import experiences will be tested for 6 months before being expanded to other routes or converted to fixed service.ã Watch virtual reality video will allows passengers to have more wonderful experiences than a regular flight. Inflight VR founder Nikolas Jaeger shared: “Passengers will not only be able to observe but also explore and learn about the city before arriving at that location.”

virtual reality video

You probably won’t be surprised by the skyscrapers before you set foot in New York, or imagine you are swimming in the ocean with sharks. Surely with this strong upgrade, air travel will become more and more “comfortable” and “relaxed”. With VR, are you still afraid of long flights?

Virtual reality video isn’t just about relaxing

Targeting the direct consumer experience is the purpose of this type of video. The application is extremely diverse and brings unexpected results.

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