The era when even at home we can see what the product we want to buy looks like, put the product in the shopping cart, make online shopping, pay online. This is truly a step forward that before 1995 people never thought they would experience. Just like the birth and application of VR 360 in the retail sector, there are too many outstanding benefits and advantages. Specifically in the Tour 360 for Household Appliances Showroom (virtual reality tour), businesses can optimize resources, easily show the competitive advantage of products in the most intuitive way. . On the customer side, it’s a new enhanced experience, convenient, extremely easy to use and plays a significant part in the subsequent purchase decision.

1. Virtual tour 360 solution for showroom of home appliances

More and more people prefer to buy online, especially home appliances. Building a tour virtual showroom for home appliances what people can see right away is creating a real feeling for customers exactly the same. like when they actually go to the offline showroom and make a purchase. All products are arranged and displayed in each area according to the intentions of the business and are approached in the most friendly and convenient way for customers.

What makes 360 tours applied in the field of home appliance retail more special is the 360-degree space tour without narrow viewing angles. In addition, businesses can optionally choose to deploy the actual 360 space capture at the showroom or build 3D showroom space with a large area, creative concept at will. After that, all of these virtual showroom experiences will be integrated on the website platform to serve the business’s sales and marketing purposes.

2. VR 360 tour trend for showrooms in the world and Vietnam today

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