What is VR, MR, AR? Basic difference between VR, MR, AR (Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality).


Most of everyone has heard of virtual reality (VR AR MR), the applications that virtual reality brings, then the tremendous development of virtual reality has brought people to experiences like never before. had before. However, not everyone understands and distinguishes the technologies used in virtual reality.


Picture 1: Actual room description

The image above depicts an actual environment and you can see  seen here: real things placed in real landscapes and in a real room.

Figure 2: Real world simulation

You can see in Figure 2, the light blue blocks  are on a dark blue background. This is a description of the real environment when you can actually walk around and see real objects and landscapes around.

VR – Virtual Reality

Figure 3: VR simulation illustration

You can see on illustration 3, the light purple blocks are on a dark purple background. Virtual reality (VR) means that you see virtual objects constructed and placed in a virtual environment that is not real.

Let’s look at a virtual reality game and you’ll understand what I mean. In this virtual reality game, we will be able to see everything that the virtual player sees: the virtual gun the player uses, the virtual cubes in the distance are all built by the computer in the environment. imagine. (Figure 4)

Figure 4: VR illustration

AR – Augmented Reality

Figure 5: AR simulation illustration

Light purple blocks on a dark blue background, do you guys notice any connection between these 2 environments and AR? 

Augmented Reality (AR) means that you see virtual objects constructed and placed into the real environment.  AR allows us to observe the real world, real things through an electronic device. In addition, AR also shows virtual objects and parameters integrated into this real space. That’s what we can’t see in the real world.

Figure 6: An illustration of the augmented reality virtual world in Pokemon Go.

To understand better, imagine the once famous Pokemon Go game. As you can see, this was a pretty interesting game at the time because of the novelty, the special. As a game based on the real world, however, the character in it is a virtual Pokemon created by computer. The interesting thing here is that this Pokemon can be anywhere in your real world, players will try to find and catch as many Pokemon as possible by interacting with each other. Bring out the Pokeball.

MR – Mixed reality (hybrid reality)

Figure 7: MR mixed reality (hybrid reality) illustration

Similar to augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR) is also based on a combination of Reality and virtual reality (VR). That is, you will see virtual objects lying on the real environment.

As shown in Figure 7, the promotional image of Microsoft Hololens, you can see a man interacting with an audio interface located right on the tabletop. From there, you can imagine MR making the relationship between virtual objects in the real environment closer than any AR technology before.


As you know about AR, AV is the inverse of AR, AV allows you to experience the virtual world enhanced by overlaying elements in the real world as shown in Figure 8 below:

Figure 8: AV Augmented Reality simulation illustration

A good example would be touching and interacting with real physical objects during virtual simulation.

With the information about VR, MR, AR that VR PLUS provides, hopefully you have a better understanding of virtual reality.

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